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woman horse trainer Karen Scholl


If you're interested in a private event where you can invite as few (one) or as many riders (up to fifteen) as you wish for a minimum of two days* or longer as scheduling permits, Karen can assist you with a customized clinic targeting the skils you want to improve with yourself and with your horse.

It’s difficult for Karen to have the time in her schedule for private lessons, so clinics, courses or video is the ideal way to study this unique approach. Private lessons may be arranged if a situation is deemed unsafe or if a clinic participant needs specialized coaching around the course.

Karen observes, “Some people prefer private lessons because they think it’s the ideal learning environment. I’ve found the opposite to be true. In a group, the information is delivered to everyone equally, so nothing gets taken personally, and great examples of the information come from the variety of horses with the very same behavioral patterns we think are so unique to us. In a one-on-one situation there is no way I can share the extent of information or provide the time required to practice new skills to give the lasting results people are looking for."

* A two day private clinic may be considered for additional instruction after participation in a three day clinic with Karen.


Training problem horses is Karen Scholl's talent One on one lessons in horsemanship for women Karen builds confidence in young horse