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educational DVDs

Take private lessons with Karen's educational DVD series to develop more Leadership, Confidence and Trust with your horse.

View Karen's Virtual Tour as she explains how these DVDs will accelerate your learning and provide you the knowledge to replace fear and frustration with fun!

Trust series DVDsTRUST Series DVD 6-Pack

  • - Cornerstone for Communication
  • - Riding from the Ground
  • - Riding from Above
  • - Trailer Loading for Women
  • - Tying the Knot — for Horse Lovers Only
  • - Inspiration with Horses 2007

Why invest in the Trust Series?

Honestly, that little gem you're missing just might be in that video you didn't get, and the others will help you fill in the gaps in your foundation. If you feel stuck or you want more from your horse, add this series to your video library.


Super Special! $130 (Save $80)

Confidence Series DVDs

  • - Cornerstone for Communication
  • - Riding from the Ground
  • - Riding from Above

Develop your Confidence.

Includes the Leadership DVD Series then takes your new ground skills onto the horse's back. Riding from Above will develop your riding skills by training your seat to give you more confidence in the saddle.


Confidence Series DVDsLEADERSHIP Series DVD 2-Pack

  • - Cornerstone for Communication
    - Riding from the Ground

Develop your Leadership skills.

Discover the three elements that make up the Cornerstone for Communication. Riding from the Ground will develop your riding skills by training your hands to automatically react in any situation to provide the leadership your horse needs.



  • Individual DVDs


  • Cornerstone for Communication (instructional DVD)Cornerstone for Communication

    All great leaders have great communication skills! Karen explains very simply how to "speaka their language." You'll learn to clearly communicate your ideas to get an immediate positive and willing response from your horse. 73 minutes.

    $30 (Reg $40)

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Riding from the Ground (instructional DVD)Riding from the Ground

    Karen's imaginative instruction will help you learn to "ride from the ground" which trains your hands to automatically do the right things while your feet are safely standing on the ground. Improve transitions, direction, backing and sideways maneuvers to prepare for incredible improvement when under saddle! You'll retrain your "muscle memory" and go away with the tools to both prevent and resolve issues. 96 minutes.

    $30 (Reg $40)

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Riding from Above (instructioanl DVD)Riding from Above

    While most instruction for riding is based on equitation, Karen offers a different approach that helps transition leadership skills from the ground to riding. Once your hands are trained in "riding from the ground", this DVD will train your seat and legs for clear communication with your horse. Basic rein positions, subtle transitions, and establishing even more leadership with your horse from above are all explained in great detail in this valuable DVD. 98 minutes.

    $30 (Reg $40)


  • Trailer Loading for Women (instructional DVD)
    Trailer Loading for Women

    There are many techniques used to load horses into a trailer, but there are very few that will change the horse's opinion of the trailer, giving you even better results every time you load your horse. This DVD explains how to easily load your horse using influence rather than muscle.

  • $40 (Reg $50)

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tying the Know -- for Horse Lovers Only (instructional DVD)Tying the Knotā€”For Horse Lovers Only

    Most people know that a quick-release knot is the safest way to tie a horse. What most people don't know is that there are several versions of quick-release knots that are easy to learn and may be safer in different situations. This is a must-have, easy to follow DVD for those that have diffuculty learning to tie knots.
    60 minutes.

    $20 (Reg. $25)


    Inspiration with Horses (instructional DVD)Inspiration with Horses

    We all need a bit of inspiration with horses now and then. This delightful DVD shows Karen demonstrationg what's possible when we gain even more leadership, confidence, and trust with horses. Sit back with a cup of coffee and become inspired to play with your horse! 8 minutes.





Because Karen is so confident that the knowledge and tools she offers will give you the answers you've been seeking, all products have an unconditional warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with any of Karen's products, please return them, no questions asked!

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