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  • Security StrapSecurity Strap

    We all want to feel more secure in the saddle… including me! Even if your horse is well prepared, unexpected situations can and do arise!

    Adapted from the old design of the ‘nightlatch’, the Security Strap attaches around the pommel of a western saddle to provide an open hand hold when you need it. The Security Strap is designed to stay in a raised position so you always have an open space to reach into, unlike traditional nightlatches that tend to lay flat against the pommel so you can’t get your hand under it in time to do any good when you need it.

    Folks think that hanging on to the saddle horn is enough, but if you’ve ever had a horse really jump with you, that horn was most likely pulled out of your hand and you’re left with nothing but a hope and a prayer! I’ve used nightlatches for years on colts or unpredictable horses, but I never seem to have a horse go out from under me when I’m expecting it. This new design is ideal for those unexpected moments with horses!

    With the unique design of the Security Strap, you’ll always have something to hold on to in all kinds of situations; when a horse hesitates at water, unexpectedly lunges up a hill, transitions to the canter, or passes by a spooky spot on the trail.

    My saddle carries my lariat on the right side, so I ride with only one Security Strap for my left hand. The leather wrap around my coils is what I grab for with my right hand, so now I have a spot to grab with either my left or right hand, depending on the situation I get in to. I like a saddle with a Cheyenne roll on the cantle because it provides another good hand hold for either hand behind my seat.

    With a Security Strap for both sides of the pommel and a Cheyenne roll for the cantle, you’re surrounded by more security in the saddle and will enjoy riding even more!





  • Snaffle BitSnaffle Bit

    There is no magic bit that will make all our problems go away, but there is a bit that offers the ideal feel when your horse is ready to make the transition to a more refined stage of communication. Made by Jeremiah Watt, this sweet-iron loose-ring snaffle is unsurpassed in quality, feel and craftsmanship to give you and your horse the ideal communication between your hands and their delicate mouth. When positioned properly (no wrinkles), the mouthpiece is light enough that a horse can pick it up and 'hold' it between their tongue and palatte. Because this bit will rust, the sweet-iron material with a very light copper inlay is a favorite flavor combination for the horse. Horses enjoy licking an iron pipe in a pasture if it's available!

  • $75

  • The Clip helps horses that pull back or have a hard time being tiedThe Clip

    The Clip is a terrific tool of many uses, but my favorite is to help horses that lack confidence while tied. I’ve used other tools on the market that put resistance on the rope, giving release the instant the horse stops pulling, but I was unable to leave a horse tied unattended because a little bit of lip-fiddling would drop the rope and I’d have a loose horse.I also like it for hanging my feed bag in the trailer rather than running the strap up through the rings holding a bag heavy with feed. This is a tool of many uses, so a handy DVD comes with it to show you its simplicity and versatility.



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